We are an established company in nautical and hiking leasing, we boast a fleet of speed boats ranging from 4.80 meters to 8 meters and we transport our customers far and wide to the East Coast of Sardinia.

We specialize in excursions by land, through centuries-old woods, cliffs, breathtaking trails and first-class nature trails.

Thanks to our vehicles we are able to organize customized excursions for each type of group, from the basic route to the most advanced in the Selvaggio Blu.

We are known by the name of East Coast Sardinia Excursion, mother of the Gommoni a Noleggio brand, with which we have devised a new service for our customers who want to learn about or relive daydreams on this beautiful island.

We treat customers as if they were our friends, we explain to them the coastal conformation, the identification of places, caves, shelters and what makes the Ogliastra an increasingly sought after location for people of all ages and from all backgrounds.


We are in Lotzorai on the Is Orrosas beach (Lido delle Rose)

Lotzorai is located about 180 km from Olbia and 140 km from Cagliari.

The country is located at the center of the East Coast, it is about 5 km from the port of Tortolì / Arbatax and 3 km from Santa Maria Navarrese.

Lotzorai is not just sea; thanks to its geographical position it is also possible to quickly reach the nearby mountains at an altitude of 1000 meters. s.l.m.


Daniele Mascia

Daniele Mascia

Born a stone’s throw from the sea, I learned first to swim and to walk. As a child, it was my passion and, after graduating from the Nautical Institute, I decided to turn my passion into work. For more than ten years now I have been working in the maritime tourism sector and after years of experience as a speedboat driver, yacht captain and passenger transport vessel, I decided, together with my brother Luca, to open our boat rental company and excursions by sea and by land, so as to be able to transmit to all customers the passion and love of our land. I am also a qualified second level diver and, in short, almost everything that can be done by sea … .. I do it!

I’ll be waiting for you!

International Diving School Association

Salvamento Genova

Salvamento Academy

Luca Mascia

Luca Mascia

The passion for the sea can be seen from the first months of life; among my first photographs there are those of myself at the “command” of the family boat, and from there the passion was born. I am 31 years old and, together with my brother Daniele, we run our business. In these years I never left the sea, before starting my own business I have always worked in this world, as a skipper, lifeguard … in short, I am always in contact with nature.

To complete this passion of mine and improve our offer, I also got the Sardinia Region Environmental Guide Patent and today, finally, I managed to make my passion my job … the most beautiful job in the world!

I hope to convey my passion to you.

Patented hiking guide

Regularly registered with the Autonomous Region of Sardinia

Salvamento Genova


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